Confidence-Building Training for Kids

Help your child learn responsibility and confidence with Home Alone Boot Camp

The Home Alone Boot Camp Program helps prepare children to begin staying home alone while their parents are at work or running errands. With many families needing both parents to work in order to provide for the family and the rising cost of after school care, it is becoming more and more common for families to decide to allow children to stay home alone for short periods of time before and after school. Give your kids the confidence they need to stay safe with the Home Alone Boot Camp Program from CPR Training School.

Who Should Take This Training?

This program will help children feel good about having a routine in place to help them stay safe while parents are away.

  • children aged 9 - 12

  • children who want or need to stay home alone for short periods of time before or after school

  • children who have siblings to care for while home alone

Digital Training

On-demand training so kids can learn at home

This unique digital training program provides children with an opportunity to hear how other children will handle being home alone, and using the student reference guide that is provided, children can write down what they learn and talk to their parents about concerns. Basic first aid skills will be demonstrated and taught to help children manage minor emergencies on their own. A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course.

What Kids Learn

14 modules of videos, readings, worksheets, and activities to help children learn confidence, safety, and the important of developing responsibility and trust. Learn at your own pace.

  • establishing routines

  • overcoming fear

  • food and snack preparation

  • before and after school safety

  • handling strangers and visitors

  • managing emotions

  • online safety

  • accident prevention

  • emergency preparedness

  • safety skills and calling 911

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